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The Art of Transition

We train like crazy on the bike, run hundreds of miles and spend endless hours in the pool.  On top of that, we spend a fortune on aerodynamic wheel sets, and really cool looking (debatable) helmets so we can shave a few seconds off our overall time in the next race.  The gun goes off, […]

St. Pats Day Races

Congratulations to MFIT athletes Jan, Vickie, Corey and Brad for competing in the Wichita St. Pats 5k as well as Luther for competing in the Hutchinson St. Pats 10k on March 12th.  Jan and Vickie finished 1st and 3rd in their age group while Corey and Brad finished 3rd in their repective age groups.  Luther finished 2nd […]

It’s Time to Start Training!!

February is upon us and the triathlon racing season is fast approaching!  It’s the time of year when you start looking at the race calendar and decide which races you want to participate in this season.  The time to start some form of a structured training program is now, as I believe it’s necessary to […]


  One very important, yet overlooked part of racing at your true potential is the ability to properly pace yourself throughout the race.  There is a saying “the biggest mistakes you can make in a distance race are in the first minute” .  If you are like most athletes competing, there is a tendency to […]